Sunday, January 8, 2012


The works created for "The Stripe" series used a fairly consistent palette in all of the pieces.  This, plus the stripe theme, kept the series cohesive.  The salt bag portion of the nomadic series, currently in the works, is sending me to some new colors. While hooking, I ended up pulling out a bright magenta I had planned to place in a rectangular stripe portion of the piece.  It had the same value (lightness or darkness of a color) as the turquoise placed next to it and just did not work.  When values are similar a lack of contrast occurs.  The replacement color is in the light/red/pink range which is a color I rarely use, but flows well with this piece.

I tend to veer toward brights and darks with a neutral thrown in.  There will be more chance to experiment with adding lighter shades to my favorites this year.

Above is the original palette that was planned.  Not enough light values.

Above, a black and white version allows you to see that there is too much similarity of values in the center grouping.  More light is needed.

Above you can see the lighter color substituted for the magenta.  This adds needed contrast to the piece.  Below is the color photo of the above.  Compare to the second photo in this post.  Much better.

We all have colors we are drawn to, and  I am no exception.  Join me this year in adding colors you would not normally use to your palette.  Whether for clothing, dinnerware, home decor or other areas of your life, enjoy the range of colors available and have a great day!

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