Sunday, January 22, 2012


I love reading artist biographies and enjoy taking some of the information I've learned and applying it to my art in some form. "Caravaggio: A Life Sacred and Profane" is a book I was introduced to by the Xanadu Gallery Book Club. It tells the life of an artist who lived life on the wild side. He often lived among prostitutes, gamblers and thieves. His art was influenced by this life. In portraits he painted people as they were, flaws and all. He was interested in reality and his figures were far from idealized. This is the aspect of his art which drew me in the most.

Caravaggio's portraits are emotional, mysterious and real.  I think about the world today and its influence.  It would be fun to portray completely over the top perfection in a portrait in reference to today's search for beauty that often comes off as plastic. This is, in a way, imperfect perfection.

Perhaps reading this book has influenced my work, as, lately I've been drawn more toward the flaws created by the way fabric naturally moves. I have started using rougher upholstery fabric in some pieces leaving the threads hanging rather than clipping them for a cleaner look.

It's funny how things influence you without your even knowing it. Think about how various things have influenced you without your being immediately aware of it and have a great day!

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