Sunday, January 29, 2012


The nomadic series is coming along and I've been learning so many new things along the way. The hooking process went fairly fast as this is what I am most comfortable with. The overall original design stayed the same with only the upper left corner being changed from a tassel to a button pouch.

Original layout design for "Diamond Road"

My first thought was to place tassels on the piece as there are numerous tassels on nomadic salt bags. I veered from this as the look was not what I wanted. More research led to finding photos of small bags nomads use to carry buttons. Work began on creating a small pouch to hang in the upper left of the piece. This consisted of wool, thread, yarn, a key, and an old keyhole found in an architectural salvage store. 

 Pouch was completed and then overdyed with brown dye.

Ever since delving into mixed-media, I've been learning to use all kinds of new tools. This project included a metal bar that required drilling. My husband is spending some time teaching me how to use all these tools. Below is the result of a combination of old and new skills put to use.

"Diamond Road"  Lori LaBerge  2012

Delve into new territory, sharpen old skills, acquire new ones and have a great day!

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