Sunday, January 1, 2012


A very Happy New Year to everyone.  The hooking on "The Road Home" was completed yesterday.  The edges still need to be whipped, a frame ordered and a mounting board cut.

 "The Road Home", Lori LaBerge, 2012
In the meantime, research on nomadic life and art has continued.  New designs have begun based on nomadic salt bags.  The bags drew my attention as I have been wanting to work with various shapes.  They have a large rectangular bottom section and a narrow vertical neck.  The neck area is narrowed to prevent the salt from falling out and rainwater from entering the bag.  The bags are made to hold rock salt for sheep.  The salt makes the sheep thirsty and they will drink more water. They are then able to graze for days at higher altitudes where water is not as plentiful before returning to lower land.  To view a photo of a salt bag click here.

The basic designs below are modernized and will be mixed media pieces using wool and metal.  Other materials may be incorporated as the pieces progress.  I have yet to complete the designs which will go into the rectangular areas.

New designs, Lori LaBerge, 2012

Working on new designs is always fun.  It always amazes me where it leads and how much I learn.  Enjoy where new things in life take you in 2012 and have a great day!

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