Sunday, February 26, 2012


Since I began work on the Nomadic Series I have become interested in traveling, moving, the meaning of home, and surroundings. "Free Passage", pictured below, relates to routes we travel by land, sea, and air (the red lines through the piece). It also brings into play how lucky most of us are to have the freedom to move around the world when we want to. That freedom should not be taken for granted. The old lock represents how easily some people's right to travel is "locked" and they are not allowed to travel without permission.

"Free Passage"  Lori LaBerge  2012

The above is my interpretation of the piece I created. Someone else may view this as simply a decorative piece. I'm o.k with that. Art should be whatever you want it to be. I love the idea of a piece having multiple meanings to different people or no meaning at all. I have always been interested in all kind of art; be it decorative, realistic, shock art, simple pretty picture, social statement or anything else. To me, whether a work has meaning or not is up to each individual viewing the piece.  

I remember going into an art gallery with my daughter and looking closely at an abstract piece. The owner, who was also the artist, asked me if I liked the work. I said that I wasn't sure, but it grabbed my interest. He pulled the piece off the wall, turned it 90 degrees, put it back on the wall and asked what my opinion was now. He did this again, continuing to turn the piece before I made him stop. I immediately made out the abstract figures of a woman and little girl playing cards. I love the way the artist allowed for me to make my own interpretation of the piece. He certainly would have had no problem if I had brought it home and placed it in a different orientation than intended.

What a work of art means to the critics, experts or the masses does not have to be what it means to you. View some artwork, make your own interpretation of it and have a great day!

Note- I did go back to that gallery later to purchase the piece, but it had already been sold. Though disappointed, I was pleased someone else had found their own meaning to it.

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