Sunday, February 12, 2012


The past week was spent designing and hooking a new piece. Mixed-media is always interesting as construction issues have to be taken into account. In this piece, I plan on putting a metal plate in the center with an item screwed to the top of the plate. This led to planning the center of the piece so the plate will fit properly after the hooking is done. Since fiber is rarely perfect, the plate had to constantly be placed onto the empty center of the piece for fitting purposes. I want a tight fit with no backing fabric showing through on the edges of the metal plate. This piece was worked on monk's cloth rather than linen to allow for some stretching to fit the plate. 

An alternative to this method could have been to adhere the plate to the backing fabric before the hooking process and hook around it. In a few experiments with this method it seemed the backing fabric showed on the edges and I did not get the tight fit I was looking for. The size of the plate did not always match up to the holes in the backing fabric. I'll experiment more with this at a later date. Here are photos of the work so far: 

Hooking and whipped edging done with center awaiting completion.

Artboard primed, painted, and glazed with patina.

Work table with items for finishing work.

A great old lock found at an architectural salvage company.  This will be used for the centerpiece.  I have not decided whether to leave as is or paint it, but I really like the old feel so am veering toward as is.

This is my old piece of cardboard and the metal pieces I am spray painting for the piece.  It looks like a work of art all by itself.

Experiment with news things, try alternatives when things aren't going the way you planned and have a great day!

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