Sunday, February 19, 2012


While recently continuing the feat of cleaning out my studio, I came upon some photos of a trip my husband and I took to Arizona, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico a while back.

Monument Valley. We signed up for a special tour to view weavers working in their hogans. Here I am getting a close-up look at the weaving process and enjoying every second.

  While the weaver knew no English and my knowledge of the Navaho language is nonexistent, we were able to share our love of textiles through gestures. She is carding wool.

 A Yei rug in progress. The Yei are supernatural Holy People who make it possible for the Navaho and their gods to communicate.  They also possess the ability to restore health.  I found it fascinating to watch someone weave a pattern out of their head. There was no drawing or cartoon to follow.

 I could not resist purchasing these Zapotec rugs in Sedona. The Zapotec Indians live near the Oaxacan plateau in Mexico. The rugs were created with sheep raised by the Indians.  The wool was cleaned, carded, hand-spun and woven. The rugs hang on a railing in our home where I can enjoy them everyday.

Taos had an amazing book store I couldn't resist. I'm sure the salespeople loved me.

I had a chance to meet the weaver of this great little keychain I purchased.

We stopped at a local weaving shop in Chimaya and purchased some placemats and coasters. My husband has this coaster on his desk to this day. We were told we had just missed seeing Caroline Kennedy who had made a purchase at the shop. The day before, in Taos, we had just missed seeing Muhammad Ali, who we were told purchased a large Indian drum. I guess our timing was slightly off those two days.

Enjoy memories of your trips and have a great day!

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