Sunday, March 25, 2012


When my husband and I were out West, he purchased a beautiful piece of petrified wood. The piece is kept on an antique chest in the entry of our home, but walking by it one day I felt it needed something. The look of soft and hard pieces together has always appealed to me, so the decision was made to make a rug for the rock to be placed on. The grouping of the two has received a myriad of compliments, leading me to hop in the Jeep and head over to the local gem and mineral shop to search for some interesting looking rocks to make rugs for.

Bins of extra strips of wool were used for this "rock rug" measuring 11 1/2  X  9. 

I love where we live now. Spruce Pine, NC is known as "The Mineral City". There are a plethora of gem mines in the area where tourists stop to pan for gems when the weather begins to warm up. One tourist was lucky enough to have panned a 1000 ct. ruby during a visit to our area! I think I need to start digging on our property.

Two of my purchases.  I love the way the greens stick out of the wonderful shape of the emerald on the left.  The solid size of the sodalite on the right along with the way the blues flow throughout the rock will make it fun to create a rug for.

This beautiful amethyst looks like its own little island.  Couldn't resist this one.

Again, the shape drew me to this.  The red area that looks like a little cave is garnet.  The grays are tourmaline.  I have shades of wool going through my head that will look perfect with this.

If you are ever in the area, the town hosts the North Carolina Gem and Mineral Festival and the Grassy Creek Mineral and Gem Show. A great place to visit is Emerald Village where you can walk into an actual mine and view mining equipment.

I am really enjoying incorporating part of the history of our town into a new set of rug hooked works and looking forward to learning more about the various rocks from the area. Tour your own hometown, find what makes it special and have a great day.  

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