Sunday, March 18, 2012


"Victorian Nomad"  Lori LaBerge  2012

The piece above was inspired by an interest in the "Gilded Age" of America and how the wealthy would travel the world collecting art from various countries. Transoceanic routes allowed those with money to explore new places and obtain foreign-made works of art for their homes. Americans' purchase of foreign art inspired our own artists to more agressively pursue their place in the art world.

A closer look at the hooking with a wonderful Victorian doorknob plate found in an architectural salvage shop stitched to the piece. I could easily spend days in these types of shops. They have all sorts of little (and big!) things to sift through.  I just love the bumps along with the peeled, chipped and dripped paint on this old piece.  

I attached a photo of the face of a Victorian compass in the doorknob hole.  The compass symbolizes the various directions of travel taken by those in the Victorian Age.

You truly never know where ideas will come from.  One trick is to draw different ideas from everything you encounter and write those ideas down, no matter how odd they may seem at the time.   Another is to think of things out of context.  This is similar to using a dime to turn a screw, it is not what it was made for, but it works. Throw around the "what if" scenario in your head, do away with the fear of trying something different and have a great day!

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