Sunday, April 15, 2012


Penland! Wow! Part of me is exhausted and part of me is full of color and design ideas waiting to be created. "Chromalicious: Color Liberation" was the class and instructor Alicia Keshishian infected all of us with her love of color. By mid- week I could not even go through the lunch buffet without noticing how the tomatoes, pineapples and beets created a delicious analogous color scheme. Here is a photo tour of the week:

A totally inspiring view which compliments the many inspiring people at Penland.

Here is the home away from home for the week. Alicia had strands of color chips hanging in the doorway to greet us on the first day of class.

Everyday the work table was covered with something new for the class to work on. Here are color chips which we used to show our favorite and least favorite colors. We also spent hours placing all the colors in order according to hue and value. A real eye-opener in how individuals view various colors.

Breaks were taken to visit other studios and Alicia was creative in using this time for us to search for various colors throughout the campus. This photo shows glass artist Martin Janecky forming a face out of glass. Absolutely mesmerizing.

A daily trip to the coffee shop is a must. I can recommend the hot spicy cocoa introduced to me by classmate and friend, Lucy.

A wonderful display of "artist plates" was showing in the Penland gallery. The gallery is open to the public, so please stop by to view some amazing work if you are in the area.

We had a great time with colors, creating names such as Flander's Field Poppy and Punch Bowl. This helps you see how you view color. 

Work table in action.

Kara's study of the interaction of color.

A great example of a glass created in class by artist Laurey and the color study which inspired it. Laurey also runs an Asheville restaurant. Click here to find out more about it.

A joyful group of scarves created by members of Janet Taylor's dye class greeted us on the last day of classes.  Right after this photo a breeze caught the scarves as if they were waving goodbye to us.

The week went by way too fast. Tears fell as we all said our goodbyes. It is amazing how close people can become in one week and how our interest in art and color brought us together. To all of you reading this who were in class, I love you all. You are wonderful artists and wonderful people. Keep the creativity and color in your lives shining.

If you ever have the chance, I would encourage you to take a class at this wonderful school. It is an unforgettable experience that will stay with you forever. Have a great day.


  1. Glad you had such a great week! It looks like a lot of fun - I love all the colors! And that Spicy Hot Cocoa sounds amazing.