Friday, May 11, 2012


While sorting through photos the other day, I found some great shots of doors and windows. I love finding patterns in both the new and old as my husband and I drive through towns and visit new places.

I love everything about these doors.  The bars at the top, the "x" shape, the slats of wood behind the "x" shape forming stripes, the metal hardware including those great rings.  So much inspiration to draw from one doorway.

This door has a busy, complex pattern.  I love the way the ironwork looks against the striped pattern of the building itself.  The curves remind me of a William Morris pattern with luscious scroll work.  Yummy!

This is a close-up of part of a wonderful old door.  I love the combination of the diagonals with the straight boards across the top and bottom.  The door exudes strength with its geometric lines and clavos (decorative nail heads).  

These are wheel windows.  They have spokes radiating from the center circle outward.  These form a simple shape similar to a child's drawing of a flower.  The term rose windows, which some may call these, is usually reserved for more complex designs.  I love the way the stone surrounds them, giving some depth.

I love going through old buildings.  There is something about the deterioration of the materials that fascinates me.  This window is framed in metal and the rust can be seen where it has dripped down each section.  The paint on the metal has decayed with age.  This window has great character.  I can envision a painting of rectangular sections with burnt umber paint applied and left to drip over the canvas.

This window is in an old deserted waterworks building.  It has certainly taken the brunt of vandalism over the years.  The broken sections have great abstract shapes and leave much to the imagination.  The second window on the top reminds me of a cat's head.  What do you see in these shapes?

Next time you encounter a window or door, look at it in a new way, imagine all the design possibilities and have a great day!

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