Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lapis Rock Rug and Studio Cleaning

Lapis Rock Rug  Lori LaBerge  2012

The latest piece finished is a rug designed for piece of brilliant blue lapis. Lapis is mined in the Colorado and California areas of the United States. It was used in a powdered form to create ultramarine paint in medieval times. Cleopatra was said to use lapis eyeshadow. There are beautiful white streaks through the piece that are created by calcium carbonate in the stone. This particular stone has two flat sides which lends it to being displayed upright as in the above photo or horizontal as in the photo below.

Lapis Rock Rug  Lori Laberge  2012

I have been spending time here and there cleaning out my work area for the Studio Tour June 8-10. Below are some before and after photos. There is still quite a bit of work to be done as I tend to work in organized chaos, but I'm getting there. I used to be the type to clean up after every little bit of work I did until I took a class where the instructor told us to "focus on the work and forget about the mess". 

 Here is the studio are in total chaos.  This is the way I like it.  Everything is out and in reach.

Here it is more organized.  I like visitors to have room to walk around the table, touch the wool, and enjoy themselves.

Even I have to admit the desk area is a mess.  Papers and smaller tools really did need to be organized for easier access.

This is a start.  The desktop is better organized, but maybe I need to work on those books up above.

Here is where I place various color inspirations.  Quite a few of these are from the color class I took at Penland.  The framed piece is a hooking I did years ago based on a visit my husband and I took to Cleve Abbey in England.

Whether you prefer to work in an environment in total chaos or total organization, enjoy the work you create and have a great day.

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