Sunday, May 20, 2012


Two new pieces mixing rug hooking with local raw gems were completed this past week. The people over at the local gem shop have been extremely helpful in educating me in identifying various rocks from the area.

Lori LaBerge  2012

This work features a beautiful piece of raw emerald.

As in similar works I have done, the wool used is from leftover strips kept in one of two large plastic bins. One bin is mostly 6-cut strips and the other 3 and 4-cut strips.

I really need to use these up as they are beginning to take up quite a bit of space in the studio.

The second work uses a piece of tourmaline with bits of garnet. I chose the red for it to sit on to pick up on the bits of garnet which are a reddish brown color.

Lori LaBerge  2012

While working on the above pieces, I received a call that the editor of Rug Hooking Magazine, Debra Smith, was in the area visiting a friend and would like to see the studio. The women came over on Tuesday and we had a wonderful time discussing various aspects of rug hooking. We talked about some recent dyeing Debra had done, tools of the trade, the need to preserve the history of the craft, as well as the importance of moving the craft forward with contemporary works.

During the conversation, I was offered the opportunity to write and present an article to the magazine. I'll be taking notes and putting ideas together while also preparing for the Toe River Open Studio Tour in June. Busy is a good thing!

Reading on the deck.  Just happened to be finishing up Chinese take-out with a fortune cookie, actually believed to be introduced by the Japanese and mostly consumed by Americans, so this dessert was perfect with the cover.

Enjoy the opportunities that come your way, thank the people that make them possible and have a great day.

Note:  I apologize for extra spaces left at the bottom of some blogs.  Blogspot simply does not seem to be letting me delete these at present.

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