Sunday, June 3, 2012


Mica Rock Rug   Lori Laberge  2012

This will be the last rock rug completed before the Studio Tour. The piece of mica on this rug has black, silver and white hues. The edges of the rock are jagged and form layers. Though this piece looks rugged, it is quite delicate due to the thin layers. The way the silver reflects and shines from different angles is beautiful.

Close-up view 

On another note, the Toe River Studio Artist Show is now open at the Toe River Arts Council Gallery in Spruce Pine, NC. My husband and I took a ride over this week and here are photos of some of the work displayed.

Since I love fiber, this piece really caught my eye. The workmanship and color use are beautiful. Artist Louis Grenell created this woven piece. She also created the rabbit.

Jim Waters does amazing encaustic work. I own one of his pieces and am tempted to purchase another. There is great texture and depth to his work which, again, appeals to the fiber artist in me.

Rolf Holmquist's work includes the use of all sorts of items. It is just plain fun to spend time looking at and identifying them knowing they were used to create one piece of art.

John Richards "Big Blue Dog" is made out of bottle caps. Love it!

I have purchased two of Valerie Schnaufer's works. I can't resist the ways she tucks items into various hollowed out areas in her ceramic pieces.

Here is my piece, "Lakewood". It was one of the pieces made for a show on stripes.

The tour takes place June 8-10 and information can be picked up at the Toe River Arts Galleries in Spruce Pine and Burnsville. If you get the chance, take some time to meet the local artists, view their studios and have a great day out on the town.

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