Sunday, June 17, 2012


This week I decided to take a few days off.  As usual, this never occurs.  I have a difficult time staying out of the studio.  A box full of 10 X 10 art boards having been sitting around for a while and the decision was made to tackle a small piece this week.  Here is the progress so far:

The abstract figures were well received during the studio tour and I would like to make a series of these.  The idea behind these is to create the emotions and feelings we all experience in an abstract way.  This is only the third in this group and the first two dealt with how we miss people and wait for them to come back into our lives and how we all have difficult times in our lives yet have the ability within us to get through them.  These can be viewed here and here.  Above is the hooked portion of the current piece.

A metal part from a salvage shop was added to the side of the figure along with an old key attached to it.  A deep bright blue wool was chosen for the sides.  This photo was as I was working on the placement of pieces.

Gold was chosen as the color for the wood parts.  This will follow the use of gold on the art boards and framing of the other pieces in the series.

All pieces are now in place on the art board and this coming week I will work on adding more metal parts and perhaps some stones.  I still haven't quite decided how it will be finished as this usually comes to me during the work process.  The title of this piece will be "Locked in My Quiet World" and refers to the need for quiet time we all struggle to find in our busy lives.

If, like me, you have something you did not quite finish this week, think about the things you did complete, how far you have come in your life and projects and have a great day.

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