Sunday, June 10, 2012


I have been spending time visiting with people coming through on the studio tour.  It has been a great weekend meeting others who are interested in the arts and it is a bit sad it will be ending tonight.  Visitors have come from all over.  I've met people from Florida, South Carolina, California, Georgia and Alabama along with those living right here in North Carolina.  Here are some photos so you too can "take the tour".

This is the view which greets visitors on arrival at the studio.  A comfortable place to sit and enjoy the scenery before or after viewing the artwork.

All of the flowers are in full bloom adding color to the landscape.

Usually shy, Dorian Gray has enjoyed meeting everyone this year.

I had a good amount of pieces this year, so show booth walls were brought out of storage to hang and present some of my latest work.  The piece on the upper right, "Counting the Days",  has found a wonderful new home this weekend.

   The wall to the right upon entering the studio.  The wall to the left is shown below.

A closer view.  Quite a few of these are from my striped show.  The crows are still popular this year.

A more general overview of the studio.  Munchies on the pool table.  Art and food just go together.

A table runner from the Nomadic series.  It always seems to be a challenge to present runners, but these temporary tables worked well.

To all of you who stopped by this weekend, I would like to thank you.  Each piece created is special to me and I hope those of you who purchased works will enjoy viewing them for years to come.  

Think about things you love, seek them out and have a great day.

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