Sunday, July 8, 2012


I was excited this past week as FedEx drove up the driveway to deliver a carpet sample of a rug my husband and I are having commissioned. I have done quite a few commissions on rug designs, but this time I am enjoying being on the other end.

Rug sample section of a rug being designed for our home by Alicia Keshishian.

When I took a color class at Penland School of Crafts, the designs of Alicia Keshishian really caught my eye. The entry of our home needed a 10-foot runner, so after classes were finished I spoke with Alicia about a design for this area. She has been a joy to work with. My husband and I e-mailed our thoughts about design to her along with photos of the entryway. Alicia took everything into consideration in creating a look that would fit perfect in our home.

Some of the wool samples sent for thoughts on color. Most of these colors were lightened up in the design process.

My husband is a competitive rifle shooter along with having been captain of the U.S. Palma Team. We have been lucky enough to have had the chance to travel to a number of foreign countries through his sport. I wanted the rug to somehow represent this part of his life. Rather than a straight forward target design, Alicia came up with a great abstracted look for it. This was perfect as it keeps with her own sense of design, yet still speaks to us.

  Close-up of rug design by Alicia Keshishian.  The motifs are in silk wool.

We have given the green light on the final design. The weaving process will take a while and I will post pictures of the rug when it arrives and is placed in the entryway of our home.

Our entryway, patiently awaiting its new rug.

As a rug maker and artist, I would recommend that anyone in the same profession commission a work at least once to be able to see it from the other person's side. It allows you to have a deeper understanding of why a person is asking for specific features in a work.

Try seeing things from someone else's perspective, keep true to yourself and have a great day.

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