Sunday, July 22, 2012


After taking my parents to lunch at a local cafe a couple weeks back, we headed over to Little Switzerland Books and Beans. This is a wonderful used bookstore and coffee shop located in Little Switzerland, NC. I could easily spend hours searching through the stacks. Little did I know those stacks held some old books on rug hooking and textile art. Here are four of my finds:

This book was published in 1973 and written by Ethel Jane Beitler.  

  I love this photo from the interior as it shows a painting on the left that was made and used as a pattern for the rug on the right.  Unfortunately, no credit was given to the artist. 

Authored by David B. Van Dommelen and published in 1962.

This sample from the inside of the book shows great variety.  Stitching was combined with rug hooking.  Artist: Van Dommelen

Published in 1975 and authored by Shirley Marein.

The photo of this piece in the book grabbed me as it contains embroidery techniques, yarn and photos in the face area of "The Three Graces" by Shirley Marein.

This book is by Lili Blumenau and published in 1967.  Though it focuses on weaving, there are some great ideas in it.  I really like the piece below which actually uses seeds in the weft of the weaving.  When I look at it, I am reminded of ancient texts.

Roam around some used bookstores, see if you find something surprising in the stacks ( I actually found a few good mysteries, also) and have a great day.

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