Sunday, August 5, 2012


"Jasper Out of Reach" 12" X 9 3/4" X 4" Lori LaBerge  2012

It's funny how things come together. I knew when I saw the piece of red jasper above that the rug for it would revolve around the colors of Sedona, Arizona and the western U.S. The color of the jasper is very similar to that of the red rocks for which Sedona is known.

Colors of wool used based on the photos below.

There were actually more shades of green out west than I expected.

Shades of orange, red, green, black and white seen in the rocks.

I have ideas for every piece, but don't always fully develop how they will be implemented at the beginning of the project. When the rug section was finished, I took a break to clean the bedroom closet. There I was, cleaning a shelf, when I picked up one of my necklaces and the chains broke and fell all over the closet floor.

I honestly had no interest in putting the chains back together because I was already thinking of a way to use one of them in the rock rug. The last two of the rock rugs have dealt with barriers and what better barrier than a chain. 
 Close-up of chain, nails, wire, and washers used for barrier.

I love creativity. It is always amazing to me how people think in different ways and come up with different ideas. Sometimes a simple thing like a broken necklace can lead to a new thought process.

Enjoy where simple accidents can lead you, explore your own creativity and have a great day.