Sunday, August 19, 2012


Wow! This has been a full week. I'm learning a whole new vocabulary with heddles, reeds, sheds, shuttles, inlay, twill, shot, bubbling, etc.  Though it is exhausting, there is nothing quite like Penland to have the opportunity to become totally immersed in a craft with instructors who are at the top of their field.  Our instructor (Michael Rohde) has some beautiful work which can be seen here.

With no knowledge of the weaving process before this week, I have decided to work on a group of smaller pieces.  I need to work on technique and hopefully will see some improvement with each piece.  Here are some photos from the past week.

The weaving room

A demo on preparing the warp threads

Beginning to place warp threads onto loom.  I think I will need to see the whole process done about 50 times before I finally get it!

Warp threads are placed through the heddles (the small silver bars hanging down) which hang on the shafts (the black frames).  There are 8 shafts on this loom.

Here is my first attempt.  You can see near the front of the photo how I was beginning to draw the warp inward by weaving too tight.  I then began to go too loose and had a few yarn loops hanging from the back.  The top third of the piece was much better.

This second piece is going much more smoothly.  The weave is good, but I would like to have nicer edges.  I'll work on that this coming week.

Below are photos of work by other students in the class.  I love the variety of ideas people have.  

This just reminds me of a wonderful cozy sweater to throw on during a chilly day.  Great texture.

This is a twill weave.  The green and gray are wonderful together and, of course, I love all the stripes!

Who doesn't love blue and white!  I really like the variation of solid and striped blocks.

In addition to class this week, I was notified of two works being juried into "Pushing the Limits: New Expressions in Hooked Art 2012".  The juror this year was Kristin Muller, Executive Director of Peters Valley Craft Center in Layton, New Jersey. Juried in were "The Rain Will End" and "Freedom to Come and Go".  

Face new challenges, never stop learning and have a great day!

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