Sunday, September 30, 2012


Table rugs, 10 X 13, Lori LaBerge  2012

This week saw the completion of two more table rugs.  For these two, vertical stripes were added on the lower section for a slight change of design.  I tend to veer toward painting the metal parts in a shade of gold, but it just did not fit with the green rug, so I switched over to silver.

Wingnuts stitched to hooking

Coupling nuts (I'm learning all kinds of hardware terms!) stitched to hooking.

While shopping this week, I came across a great book on color. "Can't Fail Color Schemes" by Amy Wax.  The link is to Amazon which has it through third party sellers. Barnes and Nobles has the book available new here.

The book has sections on color meaning and perception, how light affects color and great photos of rooms decorated with various color schemes.

There is an explanation of why each color is used in the room in combination with the other colors. Though the book is on color in interior design, there is no reason why these color combinations could not be used in artwork.

Kami LaBerge, my daughter, will be guest blogging from Los Angeles the next couple of weeks, as my husband and I have set up house sitters and pet sitters and are headed off to Scotland to celebrate our 29th anniversary.   Next week, she will be writing on the colors of Southern California.  She has a bachelor's degree in Art History and a master's degree in Library Science.

I am busy making lists of galleries and woolen mills along with the castles and pubs we plan to visit, so there should be plenty to report on when I get back.  Think back to the wonderful vacations you've had or those in your future and have a great day.

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