Sunday, September 16, 2012


Table rugs in progress.  Lori LaBerge  2012  Hooking, whipping edges and embellishing the rugs still need to be completed.

This week I started work on a series of table rugs which will measure approximately 9" X 12" each.  They would also look wonderful framed if one wishes.  The rugs will be created in a variety of colors and based on the same design.   I also had the chance to do some dyeing this week:

Colors dyed for use on future table rugs.  

The table rugs will be embellished with metal so a trip to the hardware store was in order to search for items to add to the rugs.  When not at home, a good place to find me is in the hardware or electrical section of Lowe's, Home Depot or the local Trustworthy hardware store.  I love those places!

Items waiting to be scraped, cleaned, painted or used as is in work.

I had received an e-mail from the editor of Rug Hooking magazine, Debra Smith, a while back asking for permission to place my book in their "Good Reads" section.

It is in the September/October issue and they did a wonderful write-up on it. Information on ordering the book can be found here.  As I was going through the issue, an article I really enjoyed  was one by Diane Krys.  She combines knitting and rug hooking in a wonderful way and I can't wait to see more of her work.  

Think about how you can create different combinations in whatever your work, hobby or project may be and have a great day.

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