Saturday, October 6, 2012


Hello, readers! I'm Lori's daughter, Kami, and I'll be guest blogging for Lori while she's enjoying the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of Scotland. After studying Art History and Library Science in North Carolina, I've recently relocated to sunny Santa Monica, CA. I'm now working for a small law firm as a research and graphics consultant while exploring the beautiful landscapes of Southern California.

C'est moi!

Many of Lori's inspirations come from her surroundings - shapes, color, texture. My first thought when she asked me to guest blog for her was to share images and colors of things that inspire me near my own home.

There's a lot of shipping in the area - I loved the juxtaposition of container ship and dainty sailboat (along with great colors) I saw when I was touring the USS Iowa in LA County.

"Where the turf meets the surf" is the Del Mar race track. Big hats, cash bets, and horses all around! The pinks and yellows of the flowers were a wonderful addition to the paddock area.

LA is known for its smog - the tiny dot of white in the center of this image is the space shuttle Endeavor as it made its grand entrance into LA. A monochromatic (yet beautiful) day.

I took a train ride down to the San Diego area and was incredibly excited to learn the tracks follow the coast! The purple-blues and yellow highlights of the water were amazing.

Succulents, as you might imagine, are very popular in Southern California, primarily because they don't use much (expensive!) water. I loved the texture and pink tips on this one.

You have to love the red and white of the Brentwood Country Mart.

Again, Brentwood Country Mart! Live greenery, the red walls with white trim, and plethora of wonderful shops make Brentwood Country Mart one of my favorite stops - I'm lucky to live so close!

What Southern California adventure is complete without seeing the sun set over the Pacific?

This photo was taken only a few minutes later than the previous. It's amazing to see the differences in color a few minutes make - the red hues made a grand appearance after the sun set below the horizon.

Look at the colors around you and think about how they make you feel, how they inspire you. Colors you see in a plant or on a building could become the basis for your next artistic creation or even a decor project in your home!

Next week I'll be sharing some logo design ideas. Lori asked me to create a logo for Lori LaBerge Designs in my free time so I'm going to share some of my initial designs with you. Until then, as my mom would say, have a great day!

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