Saturday, October 13, 2012


Bonjour, y'all! This is Lori's daughter, Kami, again with some of the logo designs I've been working on. Lori made it back Stateside this morning and you'll be hearing from her again next week.

You may recognize the logo above from the top of the blog. This is a logo I threw together for Lori ages ago and both of us agree that it's time for an update.

This is what my digital artboard looked like while working on the project.

Since Lori wants to go with Lori LaBerge Designs for her rebranding, my mind quickly went to the acronym LLD.

I wanted to come up with a way to combine the letters so I drew out the script above. While I like it, it may be a bit too formal and frilly for the more geometric designs in Lori's art.

I was also interested in seeing how I could piece letters in other types of fonts together. I found that the logo design above turned out a bit more like a monogram you might see on a fancy bath towel rather than a brand logo.

I chose to continue the circle theme but only using the L - on its own, the circle with the L looked a bit lonely so I added the brand name to the design. A nice thing about this particular design is that the fonts of the "L" and "Lori LaBerge Designs" can be easily modified to better suit Lori's taste.

I continued with my circular design for a bit longer, this time going back to the "LLD." I find that often times using a lowercase font can give your logo or text a completely different feel, as is very much the case above. This is also a great example of how different fonts drastically change the look of a design.

I also wanted to try a much more modern design; I selected a colored square and placed the lowercase letters in white inside of it. If the logo is placed alongside a piece of art, the color of the square can be quickly changed.

An example business card design using the square "lld" logo.

I also tested out a few designs using the full "Lori LaBerge Designs" text rather than an acronym. Given the geometric nature of so much of Lori's art, I chose a hexagon with thick dark lines to surround the text in the logo above.

Another example business card using this logo. I've continued the thick dark lines throughout the design.

Creating so many designs has shown me how frequently I clutch to my first creative idea, which often limits my creativity. Giving myself a push to create something drastically different than my previous design has been a great exercise - and it's resulted in some great ideas. Give yourself an excuse to explore your own creativity and have a great day!

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