Saturday, October 27, 2012


Inveraray Castle, Scotland

One of our stops in Scotland was Inveraray Castle, the home of the 13th Duke of Argyll and his family.  Work on the castle began around 1746 and took 43 years to complete.  The home and gardens are immaculate and much history is found throughout.  I was excited by the many tapestries seen throughout our tour and delighted to find weavings by Louise Oppenheimer in the castle gift shop.  There were quite a few of her works and it took some thinking over lunch to decide which I would bring home with me.

  This is the piece I decided to purchase.  By Louise Oppenheimer.  I just love the feel of the blues, golds and greens against the red background along with the movement created.  It is now at home in our living room.

Close-up of work. (Louise Oppenheimer)

We traveled to more than a few woolen mills. Each town seemed to have its own shops for selling wool products.

Power loom with work in progress.

Information about power looms.  I only wish I could hook that fast!

Samples of fabrics woven at the mill.

Wool samples from mill.

  You don't go too far in Scotland without seeing fields full of sheep.  These were hiding out behind the mill.

  This weaving tool was on display and had been found on the grounds of one of the many castles we visited.

I had to have this shawl when I spotted it.  I love the colors and texture and plan to use it as a wall hanging.

A closer look at the couching used on the shawl.

I will close the posts on Scotland with this guy.  I thought highlanders would be everywhere.  As they were rarely seen during our travels, I took photos at every opportunity.

This trip really gave me the chance to think about the history of textiles, from tapestries in castles to clothing in woolen mills.  Find some time to think about the history of your work or hobby and have a great day.


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    1. Thank you, Katie. Always good to hear from a textile enthusiast.