Saturday, November 3, 2012


Festive Table Rug with metal, 10" X 12 1/2", Lori LaBerge, 2012

I am guessing I was in a festive mood when this rug was hooked as it really reminds me of a party or Mardi Gras with streamers and confetti falling down upon the crowds.  A better photo will be taken later. The current cold air and strong winds had me taking a quick picture outside and heading in for a cup of hot tea.  While sipping on tea, I managed to finish updating the website with the new logo and a new section of contemporary floor rug designs.

The time of year has come when I am finishing up most hooked pieces and getting ready for the Carolina Designer Craftsmen show which takes place Thanksgiving weekend.  Unless time permits, the table rug above will most likely be the last hooked piece that will be ready for the show.

"Rocks and Rugs:  When Opposing Textures Meet"  in Rug Hooking Magazine.

Rug Hooking Magazine's November/December issue arrived in the mailbox yesterday and I had a chance to see my article on rock rugs in print. The article has information on how the rock rugs came about, their relationship to my hometown, and the creative thought process.  I had a wonderful time writing it and in the future would like to do more to encourage others to experiment with the art of rug hooking. Thank you to Debra Smith, Kathryn Fulton and the rest of the staff at the magazine who made this such a pleasant experience.

November/December 2012 issue

I would encourage those interested in rug hooking to subscribe to the magazine.  It has articles for beginners as well as those more experienced.  The magazine has information for use by both traditional and contemporary artists as well as dye info.

Writing about your work can clarify why you are doing it and where you want to go with it. Take some time to think about all those wonderful pieces you've created and where they are leading you.  Would you like to do a series of works or possibly experiment with new styles?  Send a message to viewers or just create something beautiful?  There are so many directions.  Whichever you choose, enjoy the ride and have a great day.


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