Saturday, November 24, 2012


During Thanksgiving holiday, we are on the road to attend the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Show.  Since everything was closed Thursday and we were away from home, we took in the walking trail at the North Carolina Museum of Art.

This great whirligig called "Wind Machine" by Vollis Simpson spins round and round.  It contains old fans, a small airplane, and other items related to wind.

Loved the way these three rings looked together.  You can see how large they are as the museum building is in the background.  It is called "Gyre" and is by Thomas Sayre.  It is almost as if it were one big spiral going underground to the next ring.

There used to be an old prison building next to the museum which was taken down.  This piece was created from some of the bricks from the building.  It is by Martha Jackson-Jarvis and is called "Crossroads/Thicket I".  

A close-up of the above artwork.  Here you can see the mosaic pieces between brick sections.

This is the great pathway you get to follow on the trail.  The artist is Steed Taylor and he calls the piece "Invasive".  Really reminds me of William Morris designs which flow so nicely.

Here I am sitting on a "Whisper Bench".  There is another bench across the path from this one.  You whisper through the horn shape seen directly to the side of me and the person sitting on the opposite bench can hear you loud and clear.  Great fun!  Created by Jim Gallucci.

There is a pinhole camera in the roof of the "Cloud Chamber" through which you can see the sky projected on the floor of the chamber.  I could not help but think of hobbits when I saw this.

This was an amazing piece by Chakaia Booker.  From a distance it looks like charred logs and then....

you take a closer look and see it is actually made up of tire treads.  Amazing! 

A tree made up of steel.  Love the craggy branches!

All good things must come to an end so we closed our walk with the Rodin Garden.  There are beautiful sculptures surrounding a reflecting pool.  A very calm area to sit, relax and think up new ideas for artwork.

Though this was not the traditional Thanksgiving for us, we had a wonderful time exploring the many talents of artists who contributed to the beauty of the museum walking trail.  If you are ever in the Raleigh, NC area it would make a wonderful outing.  Enjoy all the art that surrounds you and have a great day.

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