Saturday, December 1, 2012


Booth set up and ready to go!  This was the first time I had a corner booth, so there was space to hang longer rugs on the side.

The Carolina Designer Craftsmen show last weekend led to some pieces finding new homes. The latest mixed-media pieces and rock rugs received a great reception and I am now getting into the Christmas spirit here at home.  Some more photos from the show:

Still working on set-up.  Across the aisle from my booth.  Woodworker Chris Horney, who had a great story of how the wine cabinet seen on left was inspired by a flight over Iceland, and hat maker Wendy Allen, whose booth was busy all weekend with women trying on all of her wonderful hats.

Clay work by Louis and Christine Columbarini.  My booth was across from theirs at my very first CDCG show and I just love to visit with them every year.

Mary Vandergraft's beautiful hand-dyed scarves.  The glowing colors just hit you when you looked in the booth. 

Woven work by Mary Kircher.  Mary was a joy to visit with over the weekend and had some wonderful textured pieces.

I purchased some beautiful hand-dyed yarn from Neal Howard, which I have already started using in a project.  She weaves beautiful wearables.

Before the show I had ordered a book, "The Making of Modern Tapestry" and dvd, "A Weaverly Path: The Tapestry Life of Silvia Heyden" both focusing on the weaving work of Silvia Heyden. She creates tapestries, focusing on creating her own conversation with her work.  I love the way she explains how her fascination with moving water and music have influenced her work.  I would recommend the book and cd for anyone interested in a textile artist's creative process. Great reading and I can pop the dvd, which I will watch again, in my laptop so I can relax in bed!

My package after it arrived.  I really enjoyed being able to sit down with this book and also be able to view the artist's perspective on dvd.  A great combination!  The book and dvd are available from Groove Productions, (be sure to click on For Home Use if you are interested in purchasing it for your own use), which gave impeccable service.

A sample page from the book.  There are photos plus the artist's comments on pieces.

Speaking of weaving, I visited with Edwina Bringle last night and she will be teaching a special weaving workshop March 21-27 at Penland called "Loom Play" for beginners and those more experienced. Sounds like fun! See info. on class at the bottom of the page here

Think about the types of classes you would like to enjoy, sign up for one or make up one for yourself at home and have a great day.

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