Saturday, December 8, 2012


Things have been busy around here lately.  I did, however, find time to work on a small 10 x 10 piece during the week.  It is still in progress, though the rug hooking portion is completed.

Work in progress,  Lori LaBerge,  2012

The work above will be adjusted and placed on a 10 x 10 art board along with some metal and wood parts.  It is the first of a group of new pieces being created to add to some existing pieces for a solo exhibit in March. I am hoping to do two or three 20 x 20 pieces as well. 

     The work table.  The metal bar will need to be measured and cut and square dowels attached to the art board, which has been sanded, primed, painted and glazed. The hooking will then be attached to the art board.

The big project around here has been the construction of new studio space:

Here is the basic layout my husband and I created.  We have been needing a garage for a while now and decided to create a studio/gallery/workshop around it.  The workshop is on the side opposite the studio.  I'll be able to sneak in there to cut metal and wood parts without sawdust interfering with the fiber art.  Studio and workshop will each be 14' x 30'.  The front area of the studio will be set up as a gallery space people can visit.  In the back area between the studio and workshop will be storage with plenty of room to store propanel walls for shows, lighting, boxes for artwork, etc.

Here is the groundbreaking.  An exciting day!

The full area of the building has been dug out.  The area in the right foreground will be a porch in front of the studio.  You can just see the rectangular orange outline for it.

Concrete has been poured for the footings and we are waiting for the foundation walls to be delivered.

I'm already thinking ahead.  Above is a sample of the flooring I chose for the studio.  We spent the day looking at stoves, washers, dryers, sinks and other items for the dye section of the studio.

A week goes by so fast and sometimes I feel as though I have not accomplished as much as I would like, but I find writing things down and checking them off makes me realize things really did get done.  Keep a checklist of things you do during the next week, read it at the end of the week, give yourself a pat on the back for all you accomplished and have a great day.

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