Saturday, December 15, 2012


This week I started on a new piece in the nomadic series. This series explores nomadic travels and nomadic textile patterns. The finishing work on last week's piece will be completed at the same time I finish this piece.  That way I only have to get out the tools to cut and drill the metal being used once.

In progress, as yet untitled,  Lori LaBerge, 2012

Yarn was used around the center medallion to add texture. If you are interested in hooking with yarn, you can check out "The Joy of Hooking with Yarn" by Judy Taylor.

In progress, close-up of yarn combined with wool hooking

The shape for the work came from viewing various textiles nomads have created or used in the past, specifically an Anatolian medallion.

Photo above from book "Tribal and Village Rugs" published by Thames and Hudson. My favorite book for reference on motifs.  Common in these designs is a central motif surrounded by four other motifs. I used the two designs to the left for ideas.  In my design I have used the idea of four full-size diamonds up front and center, but used one of the four as the main focus, thus varying from the basics of the Anatolian design.  A flat-edge bottom with the point only at the top were placed into the design.

Gold at upper left dyed this week with extras from scrap box added for variety.  The bottom left colors are more rose than show up in this photo.  I like to add one color that is a little mismatched when I combine various shades.  The same idea is done with the blues below.

Colors based on, but not the same as the palette of Anatolian village rugs were used. I dyed a gold veering toward orange, a bright blue (dark blue would be more typically used) and the light blue seen in the first photo on this post (more pastel than would be used by Anatolian rug makers). My work tends to use quite a lot of bright colors and I did not want to veer away from that.

On the other end of things, studio construction is coming along nicely. The gravel was poured this week, drainage put in and outer cement blocks placed for the base of the building. Lower walls are due in next week, then framing can begin!

This coming weekend seems to be the time for Christmas and holiday parties and we will be heading to the coast to visit with some dear friends, thus the early posting.  I hope you all enjoy your time with friends and family and have a great day. 

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