Saturday, January 5, 2013


"Blue Road" with finishing work in progress,  Lori LaBerge  2013

The hooking on "Blue Road" was completed this week.  Searching through the studio yarn stash, I was lucky enough to find two shades of dark blue to combine for whipping the edges.  The 20" X 20" art board on which the piece will be mounted is on order and will be painted next week if it arrives on schedule.

  Whipping on "Blue Road" in progress, Lori LaBerge  2013

Another part of the week was dedicated to journal work.  The five books I will be using to help me along in my journal project were discussed in the last post.  As I am not known for following directions precisely, (the rebel in me), I often adjust exercises to my interests.  This week's exercise was working with shadows.  I took photos of shadows around the exterior of the house and used a couple of photos I had taken while at Penland last year.

Journal pages with computer printouts of shadow photos I had taken.

My interest in geometrics definitely came out in this exercise.  There were some great shadows on the stairway.  I love the movement in the photo on the far upper left.  It makes me want to dance.  The photo to the right of that one is the shadow of a rail on the gravel below.  It has an abstract tree feel to it.  

While the idea that I took photos of stripes did not surprise me, the zigzag pattern did.  I don't often work with zigzags and due to this exercise,  I already have some ideas going for future projects.  There is a variance in the photos from wide stripes to medium to narrow stripes.  Combining wide and narrow would interest me.  I would also like to see the photo in the upper right cropped into a square.  

The photo on the bottom right journal page was of grass on pavement and reminds me of drawing continuous circles on paper as a kid.  It has more of a sense of freedom to it than the other photos.  I really liked that the black and white aspect of the photos allowed me to focus on design aspects without color interference.  

Experiment with shadows this week, ask yourself what interests you, or if they give you design ideas and have a great week. 

This week's studio/gallery construction update:

More wall framing is up, pipes for plumbing were installed and wood was placed along the flooring so cement can be poured next week.

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