Saturday, January 19, 2013

"Chief's Road", "Vineyard Road" , Journal and Studio Update

Things are getting busy around here.  I am preparing some new pieces for a show at the PAF Gallery in Siler City, NC, after having been invited to exhibit and to teach a class.  The dates will be March 15 and 16 with the exhibit opening Friday night and the class Saturday morning.  

    "Chief's Road"  10 X 10  Lori LaBerge  2012

The piece above came about as I studied photos of chief blankets.  Since my Nomadic Series has mainly focused on roadways, I decided to bring my own version of a chief blanket into the series.  The old jewelry piece attached to the top is reminiscent of a dream catcher and fit perfect with the work.

"Vineyard Road"  10 X 10  Lori LaBerge  2012

I finished framing and adding metal to this piece which was hooked earlier.  The purple and green remind me of rows of grapes in a vineyard setting.  I am hoping to complete a few more of these size pieces for the exhibit.

My journal activity this week was to tackle a boring subject.  Everyone has a different idea of what bores them in art and mine is pears.  I have seen more pear paintings than I can mention.  It just seems they are always shown the same way, in the same setting.  I would like to see something different done with them.  Here is what I did:

I searched my collection of photos and found the one above of the side of an old deserted warehouse a few towns over from where I live.  The thought came to place a giant pear in the warehouse.  This came from the great "What if?" question. Through photoshop, I created the piece below by adjusting the photo above and drawing a pear into the photo.

"The Giant Red Pear Warehouse"  Lori LaBerge  2012

I really enjoyed this activity as it led me down a different road playing with neutrals and bright color combined.  I don't often use black and white or other neutrals as a backdrop and may try it in my hooking.  I would actually not mind hooking the above piece and testing out if I could make the various grays work in the piece.

Here are a few links to paintings of pears which I really love.  Each artist created something different with the pear as the subject.  They took what could be a boring subject and created something for the viewer to think about.

Jacob Pfeiffer--This painting is wonderful.  I love the way the artist depicts nature and technology side by side.  Notice the small butterfly on top of the light bulbs.

Sara Jane Doberstein--I love the way the crates the pears are on are worn and the artist also portrays pears that are not perfect.  I also like the couple of pears on top, the group below them and the odd pear out on the bottom.  It reminds me of a family grouping.

John Whalley--This is intriguing.  The pear who wants to be a shell, but as the understudy is capable, but not the star.  A very creative take on the subject matter.

What is your idea of a boring subject?  Experiment, try to come up with a different way to approach that subject and have a great day.

Studio update-- No work was done this week as the weather was rain, rain and more rain.  I did, however, receive the new sign for the studio.  It will go in storage until the building is ready for it.


  1. Hey Lori, What is your class going to be on?

  2. Hi Blaine, The class will focus on a small geometric design. There will be lots of colors available along with metals parts, yarn and other items to play with. Emphasis will be on creativity.