Saturday, February 9, 2013


I have been invited to teach a workshop at the PAF Gallery in Siler City, NC on March 16.  It will be on beginning hooking and we will work on a geometric design. Below is a sample hooking of one version of the design we will work with.

"Split Path"  5 X 7 Lori LaBerge  2013 

The reason I stated "one version" above is because I rarely have rules with a design. There is a simple square on top and I added the wavy diagonal line during the hooking process.  I would like those attending class to feel free to vary this design to their liking.  Experimentation and creativity will be encouraged.  Various colors of dyed wool will be available along with yarns and metal hardware parts. There are a multitude of ways to add to or vary a simple design and I am looking forward to the ideas people come up with.

There will also be an exhibit of my works from March 15 thru April 5.  This week has been busy as I have been ordering supplies for the class, deciding which pieces to display, and preparing packing materials.  

While cleaning out the studio, I realized how many excess pieces of linen in all shapes and sizes were thrown in a drawer.  Throwing out leftover scraps doesn't come easy for me and the linen scraps were beginning to pile up.  I decided to give myself 10 minutes to grab whatever items I could and create something from those items.  I grabbed a ton of linen scraps, an old art canvas, a pencil, spray paint, thread, a needle and a pair of scissors.  An hour later, here is the result:

Journal study in neutrals using scraps, Lori LaBerge  2013

Since the spray paints happened to be neutral colors, this exercise forced me to work in colors I do not usually use.  I love bright colors and had to hold myself back from cheating and using other colors.  After a while there seemed to be a real sense of calm as I worked with the neutral palette.  Perhaps I will try using it in a larger hooked work at some point.  

The exercises in the last few posts have really taught me to work quickly as I like to set a specific time limit for each one. 

Here is a close-up view of the rectangles I cut from the linen and then placed on top of each other.  I love the raw edges showing the texture of the piece.

Bring some colors you would not normally use into your life this week and have a great day.

Studio Update:

It is actually starting to look like a building now.  The roof rafters are on and the plywood is on the exterior walls.

A view of the interior so far.  I so wish I had all this space for the studio, but a garage area is needed.


  1. Hey Lori, I tried to sign up for your class and was told by "Sue" there are no classes scheduled. Should I ask for someone specific?

    1. Blaine,
      Thank you for letting me know this is happening. On their Facebook page they have info. about the class. Call Jon Spoon at 919-663-1335 or e-mail at I apologize for any problems you are having registering. I would love to see you again!

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