Saturday, February 2, 2013


"River's Path"  Lori LaBerge  2012

I have been working on a fixed schedule lately.  The first two days of each of the past 3 weeks have been spent working on a project that won't be revealed for a while as it is for an exhibit and magazine article.  The next two days are spent designing and hooking pieces for an exhibit at the PAF Gallery in March and Friday's have been spent doing finishing work and journal exercises.  

The piece hooked this week, "River's Path", will be framed on 10 x 10 art board with metal and is a continuation of the nomadic works.  As I drew out the design I began to think of a path by the water, which drew me to the piles of blue wool in the studio. I also had a packet of old fishing sinkers in my metal supply which fit perfectly with the theme of the piece.

Journaling this week consisted of taking photos of patterns in the house.  I added the task of coming up with design ideas from the photos.  This exercise can help to look at everyday things in a different way. It also encourages the formation of various ways to work with the patterns you have found.

The idea is not to necessarily have a completed design, but to work toward that goal or to possibly use sections of the new found design with other work.  I put in about half an hour finding various elements to photograph and another half hour working on possible design ideas.  These ideas can be done freehand or on the computer, whatever is comfortable and works best for you.  Here are a couple I came up with:

Here is a section of a bookcase full of old Cliff Note Books.  I'm showing my age here!  Below is a possible design idea:

The patterned bottom against the plainer top area interests me and I would work with this idea further. The staples in the original photo were darkened as they added interest. I would definitely hook the name "Othello" (upper right) into the final piece as a conversation point.  I would shorten the bottom area for better balance, leaving a single row of black diagonals to go with the thin staple lines.

Here is an old fan with great lines and blades that remind me of leaves.  Below is a design idea:

The focus is on the leaf-like blade.  I actually love this as is and would consider hooking it in the future.  It reminds me of something off of a printing press.  The curved lines could be hooked or an actual metal section of a fan could be placed over the hooking. 

Experiment with patterns around you, search out things you would normally pass by, create your own design ideas and have a great day.

Studio update:

The front framing has been completed.

The roof rafters can be seen in the foreground and should be installed this coming week.  The garage area is in the center and the studio, storage and workshop will form a "U" shape around it.

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