Saturday, March 9, 2013


This week has been spent organizing for the March 15-April 6 exhibit and the March 16 class, both taking place at the PAF Gallery.  I received notice that the class is full and am looking forward to meeting old friends and new.  It should be a great time. Hoops, hooks, wool, yarn, shoelaces, ribbon, metal parts, folders and other items are ready to go.  Fitting everything into the car may be another issue.

I'm still pursuing my interest in travel routes.  This was used as the inspiration for the latest journal project.  I can already sense that the journal will be well worth the time I have been putting into it as a reference tool.

This page in the journal shows various cut-outs from magazines that remind me of roads.  It is amazing how many pictures I found that I could translate to this subject. There are parallel lines, lights down the middle of a gray stripe, single stripes running through a solid color, a cross that reminded me of an intersection and red and blue stones reminiscent of a cobblestone road among other similarities to roads.

The page focusing on trails differs from that on roads.  Where in the road section I tended to stick to straight lines (only one photo differed from this), I veered into more organic and curved lines for the subject of trails.  Running water lines, chevrons, branches, sand lines and other shapes and lines reminded me of wooded trails. 

I found it interesting that I did not include more curved lines under the subject of roads as we live in the mountains where roads tend to twist back and forth quite frequently.  Maybe I find trails to be more for exploration, while finding roads to be a means to get from one place to another.

Here is a view from a recent drive my husband and I took.  I can see a design with gray, yellow and white wool.  Some straight lines with a slight curve at the top. Maybe a purple to create the shapes of shadows.  I've been veering toward gray colors lately, but the colors could be any you can imagine, not necessarily what is in the photo. 

This is a different feeling.  Maybe a variety of white and light gray wool.  Adding some upholstery fabric with the threads hanging may create a textural feel as the dirt and stone road is rougher than a paved surface would be. 

A close-up of a road surface.  The cracks create paths of their own.  Moss and grasses grow in their openings.  I'm finding myself not only looking at the routes of travel that so interest me, but the surface of those routes.  This could lead to more textural elements in works.

Explore the subjects that interest you, look at their various elements, think about the variety of ways they could be portrayed in art and have a great day.

Studio update--

My husband and I cut out the window areas and hopefully, if weather permits, the windows will be installed this coming week. 

 This photo is from the interior of the building looking out.  I'll have a great view!    

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