Saturday, March 30, 2013


"ROAD SERIES #2 -- SPEED BUMPS"  14 3/4 x 14 1/2  Lori LaBerge  2013

This week led to the completion of "Speed Bumps".  The piece used orange as the contrasting color.  I have been checking my stash for colors to mix with the grays and think the next will be green.  Also would like to try a bright pink.  

For some reason each design seems to tell me which color to use.  I placed multiple colors over the design above after I drew it out on graph paper and the only one that grabbed me was orange, so that was it.  The piece also uses four different grays with two that are highly textural.   

Close-up,  "Speed Bumps"  Lori LaBerge  2013

I used lamp parts to depict the speed bumps along the roadway.  I still find myself wandering all around our local Lowe's store.  I walked through the plumbing aisle and there are some amazing metal parts there.  Have to go back soon and check them out more closely.  Don't think they will work for the "road series", but will definitely work on other pieces.

Grouping of dyed and as-is gray wool waiting to be hooked.  

This week's journal activity involved trees.  Sitting on the porch, looking at the snow on the branches was so relaxing.  As I looked more closely, I noticed how the branches resembled the roadways in the "road series' work.  

The branches twist, turn, curve, and reach out into the world. Some criss-cross each other as they grow, forcing their way past each other to avoid becoming entangled, while others accept their communion with another branch.  Look closely at the photos above and below and you can see the beauty of it all.


Journal page, sketching trees

Although I love taking photos, sketching helps me understand lines and shapes better.  It allows me to work on improving my art.  The physical act of moving pencil across paper demands focus on individual parts as shading is added.  

Grab a pencil and some paper, pick a subject and sketch away!  You do not need to be a pro at drawing and you do not need fancy supplies.  I see myself as more of a graphic artist than a fine artist and I intend to practice my sketching more this year. Experience the lines and shapes you see and have a great day.

Studio Update--

This week we built a stairway to make it easier to carry shingles up to the roof area. Here is Pete at work.  As we get more rows done, we'll be able to work without the ladder.  For now, neither of us works that close to the edge while up on the roof.

 Here is T.C. (Tough Cookie) inspecting the work so far.

Pete also brought home an old shelf he found thinking it would work great to store dyes jars.  I'm hoping to paint it a bright white this coming week.

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