Saturday, March 23, 2013


Untitled work in progress   Lori LaBerge  2013

This week was the start of creating a new series of work. There are numerous reasons for artists to work in a series.  The top reason for those who show their work is that galleries look for cohesive groupings.  It can be confusing if work consists of unrelated pieces.  People should be able to relate to the works and the more they see of similar pieces, the more they are able to understand what the artist's intention is.

Another reason is that it gives the artist a chance for exploration.  How far can you push a certain theme?  Are you learning more about the theme you've chosen? Could the theme be approached in different ways?  The more you study your subject or theme the more you will be able to see it in different ways.  Some artists pursue the same subject for a lifetime.

I used the journal activity this week to start developing the series.  The theme is travel routes and I will also be focusing on using the color gray in a way I have not attempted before.  The metal seen in previous work will continue to be included in these pieces.   

Journal page exploring various designs for travel route theme.  The design on the left is the work in progress at the beginning of this post.

The above photo shows erasures as I went through the design process.  I started out simply drawing pathways through the square shapes and, as things progressed, those lines sometimes changed.  The point of journaling is to explore.  Allow yourself to make errors.  Trying to be perfect will likely lead you nowhere.  

Another journal exploration with the idea of routes, highways and squared off u-turns.

"Timeless Travels"  was the first in this new series.  This and the three designs above will give me a solid start. 

A couple of sources to check for ideas on creating a series of art are:

"Rug Hooking Magazine", March/April/May 2012, article "The Art of the Series".  In this article Carol Koerner and Roslyn Logsdon each created their own series.  Each series was meant to be displayed as one work of art. You can click on the back issue section of the home page to find this older issue.

Lisa Call is an amazing textile artist who has explored series and teaches courses about working in a series.  See work from those who have taken her class here and her latest Postcards from New York series here.

Think about your favorite subjects, explore them in more depth and have a great day.

Studio Update:

Weather is still holding up construction and more rain is due the next 10 days, but we managed to start on the roofing on the back of the building today.


  1. I have been thinking of embarking on my own series in the near future and was also inspired by Carol Koerner and Roslyn Logsdon. I'm interested in seeing how yours turns out! :)

    1. Thank you, Karen. I never really know how something will turn out till it is done as I sometimes change things as I go along. You have some great pieces and I really like the way you use texture in some of them. Look forward to seeing what you may do with a series in the future also!

  2. Thanks for your kind words Lori! Will keep you posted.