Friday, April 26, 2013


This week I continued some work on the latest road series piece.  As you can see below, very little was accomplished as we traveled up to Vermont and are currently visiting my parents.  The next two weeks Kami LaBerge will be taking over the blog from Los Angeles, CA.  She will show you some of their museums and other things related to the art world.

"Through the Cherry Blossoms"  in progress, Lori LaBerge  2013

For a journal project, I decided to look at some of the rug hookings I've done throughout the years.  I do not have photos of most of my very early work as I had an older camera and was not using the computer back then.  

   2001-- "Spring's Gift" was one of the first large patterns I worked on.  Patterns are a great place for beginners to start.  You can learn from others designs before working on you own.  I completed the floral center first and waited quite a while to attempt the scrolls.  Florals are quite popular and it is a great way to learn shading.

  2002--I did quite a lot of original realistic pieces early on.  This was derived from a photo I took on a trip to England.  Each of the abbey's we visited had a resident cat. The cat and vases were added for interest, but I just loved the angle of the windows.

  2005--This seemed to be a year when I did a variety of pieces and stayed with creating my own designs.  There was a lot of experimenting with where I really wanted to go with my work.  Animals are always a favorite.

  Another 2005.  I had taken a class and was told there was no such thing as a blue leaf.  I did a green leaf in class and came home and designed this, where I did my own blue leaf.  Lesson learned:  Don't let anyone tell you you can't create what you want with your art.

  2005 again.  This is where the stripes began to develop.  As I look at these pieces done in the same year, I wonder if the above tree piece with the tall stripe-like trees, led to the decision to do strictly stripes.

 2007-2010-- These years consisted of quite a few crow pieces.  These developed from a move to Spruce Pine, NC where our front field was full of crows.  They varied from realistic to the start of abstraction in "Tears of the Crow" above.

  2011--  I turned back to stripes during this year and have never looked back.  I seem to see them everywhere.

  2012--  A variation of the stripe is used in the latest road series group.  In this series the stripe varies from straight to curved to cut-off to random and more.  

Look back on your own past work, try finding how you got to where you are today with your pieces and have a great day.

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