Saturday, April 13, 2013


"Night Ride"  14 X 14  Lori LaBerge  2013

The hooking on the fourth of the road series, "Night Ride" was completed this week. The work includes both a house key and a car key, ready to take the viewer out for a ride.  I used squares in the background of the piece as they remind me of the grids on maps.  Three values of gray were used for the evening sky's transition from light to dark.  The washer was placed so that it could represent the moon in the night sky.

    Close-up of key area

In working on this series I am finding the background areas to be a challenge.  With the predominance of gray, there needs to be care taken in how the variety of grays are placed.  The grays placed near the one color have to vary in value from the color so the color does not disappear.

Earlier this week, I had some people ask about an exercise for thinking abstractly, so this week's journal activity relates to this.

The first step is to create a viewfinder by cutting a piece of cardboard into two "L" shapes as seen below.

This technique works better than a square cutout as the "L" shapes allow you to adjust the size of the viewfinder.

Look through various magazines (I used Interior Design magazine as I love all of the modern products they show) and place the viewfinder in various areas looking for something that has a nice composition. 

I found an advertisement for lighting fixtures and focused on a small section of the photo.  I love the bold curved red stripe outlined in black blazing through the white and gray background.  I also like the width of the stripe in relation to the background.

This was a section of an ad for a fan company.  I am actually tempted to hook this as a runner.  I would love it in a hallway!  However, this is not my design and belongs to the photographer or the company who had it photographed.  I would need to make design changes to make it my own.  Look at the relation of white to green.  Any more white might be a bit overwhelming.  The thick and thin areas of white add interest.

This was part of a photo of a metal table with the image rotated.  I liked the way this angle made the shape of the letter "A".  It would be a great idea to do a series of abstract alphabet letters.

The original picture was of a living room scene.  I really like the red against the black wall.  Notice how two-thirds of the viewfinder image is black and one-third is red. This makes for a nice image.  I also noticed how the middle pillow is on top of the others, leading to the idea of placing one hooked piece on top of others so the hooked work would have dimension.

This exercise is great not only for composition, but for future ideas for works. 

Create a viewfinder, find some old magazines, search out some new ideas and have a great day.

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