Saturday, May 18, 2013


I would like to thank Kami LaBerge for taking over the blog the last two weeks.  She did a wonderful job and I hope all of you enjoyed her posts.

While in Vermont, I was only two towns away from the gallery of rug hooking artist and painter Rae Harrell.  She is located in Hinesburg, Vermont.  Here is a photo tour for those of you who have not visited her gallery and to entice you to visit if you are ever in the area.

  Rae Harrell Gallery and Studio, 2013

Myself and Rae in front of two gallery works.  She is a master of color and it is a breath of sunshine and happiness when you enter her gallery.  Her personality is infectious and exudes her love of the arts.  

Rae Harrell Gallery and Studio, 2013

When my husband and I arrived, there was an excited group of people admiring Rae's works and supply of dyed wool.  We had the pleasure of meeting Rae's mother, who is a painter.  You can see part of one of her works on the far lower right.  She uses textural qualities in her paintings which, as a fiber artist, I can't resist.

  Rae Harrell Gallery and Studio, 2013

A colorful wall of paintings and hooked sculpture.  I love that Rae has her own distinctive style which is seen in both the painted and hooked work.

Works by Rae Harrell

Two abstract works located above the entry to the wool room.  I enjoy the way Rae uses black and white among all the colors.

Hand-dyed wool at Rae Harrell Gallery and Studio, 2013

Yummy wool!

Rae Harrell Gallery and Studio, 2013

Stacks of various wool colors with hooked works above.  Hand-dyed wool and inspiration make a wonderful combination.

Work by Rae Harrell

I absolutely love this piece.  Gorgeous organic work.  The eyelash edging fits this piece perfectly.

Work by Rae Harrell

Mixed-media work.  The shaping of this is beautiful.

Work by Rae Harrell

This piece has great texture.

Work by Rae Harrell

Sculptural work.  Rae's creativity is boundless.  So many of these sculptural pieces make you stop and think.

Work in progress by North Carolina artist

While at the gallery, I was lucky enough to meet another rug hooker from North Carolina.  She was kind enough to let me take a photo of her work in progress.  I did not write down the artist's name, so if this is your work please e-mail me with your name or comment on this post and I will be happy to credit you on the above photo. In the background is a piece Rae is currently working on.

There was no way I could leave without taking a piece home with me. One of my choices was Rae's work on the left.  I am obsessed with rocks and metal combined with rug hooking, so the idea of crocheting over rock really grabbed my attention.  It fits in its new home atop a leather book perfectly.

The second piece I chose was a vessel by Molly Colegrove.  I just love the colors in this and am still intrigued by the hands surrounding the vessel.

I hope you enjoyed the tour, found inspiration and will have a great day. 

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