Saturday, June 8, 2013


"Through the Cherry Blossoms", 18" X 60",  Lori LaBerge, 2013

The hooking on the above piece was finally completed on Thursday.  The dark line on top makes a huge difference and holds the piece together nicely by balancing top and bottom.  You can see this if you put your finger over the top black line, view the piece, then remove your finger and view it again.  

A decision was made not to add any metal parts as I felt they would distract from more than enhance the piece.  It stands well on its own and makes a beautiful wall hanging.  It still needs to be whipped on the edges.  I am tempted to work on this design in various colors as a grouping of these would work quite well.

   Sample of the design in various colors hanging together.

Quite a bit of work was done on the studio construction this week and when I went to check on it, I found this in one of the corners:

Since I am in recycle mode lately, I grabbed a few pieces and came up with this:

"Roadhouse"  Lori LaBerge  2013

I painted the piece of wood black and hooked a random road design with #8 leftover strips of wool cut in half to #4, attached a metal plate and added a chimney.  It will be part of a grouping using the pieces of wood seen below.

Group of wood "roadhouses" with one down and three to go.

These will be done in my spare time as I have a few larger designs I am anxious to get started on for the road series.

Find a recycle item to make a design or an actual piece with, stretch yourself to work with various shapes and have a great day.


Well, this is more like it.  It's starting to look like something.  View looking in from studio entry.  The area under far window will be the dye kitchen and the small framed area to the left will be the bathroom.

Looking from dye kitchen side toward front entry.

Looking down storage area toward workshop (same size as studio) on far side.

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