Saturday, June 29, 2013


I recently participated in the" International Tapestry Project: Fate, Destiny and Self-Determination".  This collaborative project is headed by Line Dufour, a tapestry weaver residing in Canada.  The project has three sections.  Line herself will be weaving a tapestry, a tapestry will be worked on by various individuals, and various shapes will be woven by individuals to be put into a larger installation piece.  

The project brings together a variety of fiber artists who will contribute to the installation work.  What a wonderful way to bring people together.  Below is the shape I worked on.

Created for Fate, Destiny and Self-Determination Tapestry Project,  Lori LaBerge  2013

The instructions for this piece were to work only in pure hues from the color wheel. There were also measurements included.  There is a Facebook page here where you can see other creations for this project.    

Once again, my husband and I are headed up to Vermont for a couple of weeks.   I am notorious for taking roadside photos everywhere we travel, even on local trips. There are always some memorable sights.

Humpty Dumpty was spotted in Colchester, Vermont.  It was created by my husband's cousin, Ann LaBerge.  She is an amazing artist working in a variety of materials.  We had a wonderful time talking about art when she visited us in North Carolina and I am hoping to have time to stop by and see her Vermont studio.

A dog made of hay bales lounging on the side of a long stretch of road. Such fun!

Further down the road, a companion for the first dog.  He looks a little worried. Perhaps he did something he shouldn't have.

I love architecture and upper section of this old barn has an interesting roof line with a slight outward curve at the bottom edge.

How often do you see a turquoise barn?  Love it and going to hook it soon.

Graffiti on an abandoned building.  Hooked graffiti would be great.

A cow made of moss greets visitors to the Stowe Craft Gallery in Stowe, Vermont.

Creativity is everywhere!  Take a ride, enjoy the sights along the way and have a great day.

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