Saturday, June 1, 2013


"Through the Cherry Blossoms" in progress,  Lori LaBerge, 2013

With the Monday holiday, it was certainly a short week.  I did manage to do some more work on the above piece.  Hooking should be completed this coming week with whipping of the edges started.  There will be a narrow dark stripe across the top of the piece to balance the dark wool on the bottom.

I am really enjoying the journal projects I started this year.  I am learning more about myself and art by leaving my comfort zone for some of these exercises.  

While in Vermont a couple of weeks ago, I helped my Dad clean out the house while Mom was in rehab recovering from a hip replacement.  So many memories came back as I cleaned out old trunks in the basement, drawers in various rooms and chests in bedrooms.  As I found some of my mother's items, the idea for a journal project germinated.  Here's how that project went this week:

I gathered a few of my Mom's items which she and Dad let me have.  A shoe from her wedding day, a glove, a beautiful piece of lace, a pin which opens (I plan to find a photo of Mom taken around her wedding date to place in it), and a baby blue slip.

 Wool and upholstery fabric were taken from the studio shelves for the project.

Various yarns were removed from their storage areas as a textural element.

I started a random design on monk's cloth.  A floral design began to emerge.  I wanted something feminine and something free form.

The design process continued to create a sense of balance.

The design finally reached a point where I was ready to begin the hooking process. This was a rough design to give me an idea of where I was going with the project. Things always change as I hook.

The pink area was hooked specifically as a place for the wedding shoe to sit.  When hooking a piece for items to sit on, the size and placement of those items have to be taken into account.  I cut strips from the lace and slip and hooked these into the piece.  Beads from the gloves will be stitched onto the final work.

The hooking, still on its frame, is completed.  A feminine look is different for me as I tend to veer toward geometrics and more masculine work.  I enjoyed the change.

"Rita", edging not yet completed, Lori LaBerge  2013

A rough photo with edges still unfinished.  You can see some of the lace that was hooked with ends left uncut.  This is the most personal piece I have done.  I plan to find a great spot in the house for it so that every time I walk by it I will be reminded of that wonderful woman I know as Mom.

Find some memorabilia from your family, create a work of art to celebrate someone special and have a great day!


This week more framing and the roof were added to the porch entry.  

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