Sunday, July 28, 2013


"Roundabout"  20 X 20,  Lori LaBerge  2013

Metal parts were added to "Roundabout" this week.  I used clear thread, but may change this as I tend to like the made by hand feel that comes from seeing yarn attaching the metal to the fiber.  Not being patient enough to wait for the 3" washer I ordered to show up at the door, I trotted over to Lowe's again to search for something new.  

It is always interesting to see reactions when you are in the plumbing or electrical aisle, are asked if you need any help, and tell the salesperson you are just looking for items to use in an art piece.

I found the perfect 3" circular item hanging on a rack.  It is a rigid conduit locknut.  I also picked up a 3" galvanized steel floor flange because who knows when a piece may just cry out for one.  The locknut called for "Roundabout" to have a design change as it is quite a bit slimmer than the 3" washer.  The center area was filled with some nuts and a washer representing the common plants and center statue seen in many roundabouts.  The washers to the right side depict vehicles traveling the roadway and balance out the piece nicely.

Another work was started this week:

   "Coastal Route",  20 X 20, rough sketch

The wavy roadway lines sketched through the piece were changed when the design was transferred to linen as I was not happy with the presentation.  Care had to be taken where the wavy lines themselves intersect as well as where they cross with straight lines.  The wider horizontal stripe will be hooked with various shades of blue which have yet to be dyed. 

"Coastal Route" hooking started

I decided to hook randomly in each two inch square.  This is time consuming as the squares need to be kept as straight as possible.  I find myself hooking looser than I normally do to give each square a place to rest and to prevent bulging.

Placing colors in order from light to dark sounds easy.  I had some difficulty as a few of the grays I dyed were very similar.  Look at the far right column in the above photo.  Which is darker, the first or third section?  They are both blue grays, but the lower one is darker than the top one.  This led me to search for a site where you can practice this.  The site is x-rite and you can take their color challenge.  Have fun!

Look closely at the color values of objects around you, decide whether they are light, medium or dark, look at them in relation to similar colors and have a great day.


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