Saturday, July 6, 2013


I am enjoying the wonderful state of Vermont. Green mountains, maple cree-mees and locally renowned Bove's spaghetti are bringing back memories from childhood.

Yesterday my husband and I hit the road and traveled over to the Shelburne Museum. On exhibit in the textiles building was "Larger Than Life", a stunning group of quilts by Velda Newman. Here is a peek at the burst of color that greeted us as we entered the exhibit.

"Zinnia" by Velda Newman

How can you not feel happiness when viewing this work. The colors, the texture and the composition combined with the size of the piece, 8' by 18', are awe-inspiring.

"Wings" by Velda Newman

Butterflies of various colors flutter along their way. I enjoy the way the bottom butterfly escapes from the frame a bit.

"Sun Kissed" by Velda Newman

Loved the texture in this one. The feeling of depth was created with paints on the fabric. 

 Close-up of "Sun Kissed" by Velda Newman.

Regretfully, I did not get the title of this piece.  By Velda Newman.

Painting was used to create the depth and roundness of the pears. The black and white upper and lower section add great drama.

"Seashells" by Velda Newman

Wonderful variety of shells in a beautiful composition. This brought back summer vacation memories of walking the beach and combing the shoreline for shells.

"Baskets" and "Catch of the Day" by Velda Newman

Beautiful use of curves and as the bottom butterfly in "Wings" escaped from the bottom frame so does one of these baskets.

The fish quilts (one more is shown below) were my absolute favorite. My dad would love this catch! They draw me right in with their eyes.

"Bass: In Your Dreams" by Velda Newman

I love the serenity of the water and the colors used in this. The fish are each going their own way and appear to be in deep water or traveling at night.

Close-up of "Bass: In Your Dreams" by Velda Newman

I hope you enjoyed sharing part of my day. I will share more from the museum next week. Enjoy all of the wonderful art in the world and have a great day.

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