Saturday, August 3, 2013


This was a busy week and I surprised myself by actually getting some hooking done.  I am loving working on this piece.  

"Coastal Route" in progress,  Lori LaBerge  2013.  

I may change the upper left white line as things progress.  For now I will leave as is since it will be an easy fix if needed.  The blues are giving the calm, relaxed feel I am going for.

The grouping of small squares is allowing me to really focus on each section in relation to the others around it.  After each section is completed I ask myself "Are the lines straight?" and " Are the loops packed too tightly to keep the square in proportion once the next square is hooked?" 

Though hooking was started, I decided to put the original sketch into Photoshop and add some color to see how the whole piece will feel.  Here is the Photoshop picture:

Color added to "Coastal Route" design in Photoshop.  I also drew in the metal which will be attached to the piece.

I am torn between using and not using technology to create handmade pieces.  The more I use it, the better I feel about it.  I no longer think that placing color in a hand drawn design with Photoshop is any different than placing the colors with paint or colored pencils. Sometimes I feel like a brush and pencil and sometimes I feel like using the computer.  It is a matter of preference.  

The art journal exercise worked on this week relates to lines.  This is a great exercise for both realistic and abstract artists.  Draw twelve squares on a sheet of paper.  Within each square draw only three lines.  A line ends when you lift your writing utensil or touch the edge of the square.  The lines do not have to be straight. For example, a circle would qualify as one drawn line.  I also limited myself to 10 minutes, but there is no time limit on this exercise.

Art journal page

I seemed to spend most of my 10 minutes deciding which direction to go with this, but once I started on the architectural theme it went fast.  This type of exercise encourages working with limitations.  When limited, how far can you go?  I am now contemplating a series of small architectural works.  You cannot just sit back and wait for inspiration to happen, you have to work at it.

There are no limitations in the art world, but forcing them upon yourself now and then can stretch creativity.  It is similar to working with what you have.  I can't count the times I have grabbed a stash box full of wool and just worked with what was in it.

Try working with some limitations this week, see if it changes your outlook and have a great day.


 Here's where we are now.  Luckily, my husband knows how to do wiring, so I am in training.  When we are done we just have to call the inspector to check it.

 Recessed lighting is being placed up above.

 Picked up this cool faucet for the dye sink.

Went into Asheville to pick up the sink.  Also stopped at Papa's and Beer Mexican Restaurant for a margarita and spinach quesadilla because all work and no play is just not a good thing.

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