Saturday, August 24, 2013


An e-mail was received this week that "Rural/Urban Compatibility" was juried into "A Fine Line - Contemporary Drawing" at Morehead State University.

"Rural/Urban Compatibility"  Lori LaBerge  2013

It is always great to see rug hooking recognized in shows that contain other media.  I was informed about the exhibit from Susan Feller, who suggested I apply.   

It is always difficult to decide whether to apply to an exhibit or not.  It takes a careful reading of the theme to decide whether a piece would fit with it or not.  There is also the venue.   I think universities are always a good venue for an artist.  These are places where the learning of art takes place and new ideas are encouraged.  There is also the juror to consider.  If this is someone I would be happy to have choose my work, I would be more likely to apply.

  It was a week of paperwork.

It pays to look carefully at what is required in the application.  Reread everything. Some calls for entry simply require name and photo while others may require resumes and artist statements in addition to a quality photo of the work.  Slim down the resume by picking and choosing what best shows your experience.  I include solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, any work related to art, awards, publications, work related to art (jurying, gallery salesperson, setting up shows, etc), public promotion of art and teaching experience. Each category is dated with most recent information first.  

Look at the jurying fee and be sure to be ready to pay shipping fees back and forth if your work is accepted.  Before sending out information, reread again and make sure all forms are filled out completely and all required information is enclosed. Leaving out anything can mean your application is put to the side and not looked at. Never be discouraged if your work is not accepted.  There are a multitude of reasons for this and jurors have to make limited selections of work and plan a cohesive exhibit.

This week was also spent creating a new design for "The Roads We Travel" series.  Here is a look at how it developed: 

I really enjoyed working on the last piece which included 2-inch squares and wanted to incorporate them into a new design.  This design did not have my eye moving the way I wanted it to.  The top and bottom were missing something and my eye seemed to be going out of the design instead of into it, following that last middle square to the edge of the frame.

This version improved on the first.  I eliminated the middle grouping of squares and placed where colors would go.  The top and bottom seemed to still be lacking something. It was just too plain.

This is where things changed a bit as a new idea developed.  I was watching "Thelma and Louise" and thought about road movies.  These are movies where characters travel from one place to another and learn about themselves along the way.  I decided to incorporate a film strip on the top and bottom.  Still not what I was going for but getting closer.  I changed the color to blue as blue represents freedom and I liked that thought to go with traveling on the road.

Here, I changed the white lines to go on top of the blue.  This allowed me to separate out different shades of blue within that area.  Like this a lot better, but the top and bottom were still bothering me.

This is where I brought the black squares closer to the top and bottom edges.  This allowed me to incorporate the black strips into them and add another thinner black strip, creating a more film strip type look.  I like the balance of the piece better and the way the background shows through the film strip area.  This will be the final design.

Create your own designs, enjoy the process of change that occurs as you go along and have a great day.

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