Saturday, October 26, 2013


With the weather getting colder, I've cut the tips off an old pair of gloves for plein air work.  Inside, however, it's nice and cozy and a pleasure to be surrounded by so much wool.  I started the hooking on "Blue Collar".

 "Blue Collar" in progress,  Lori LaBerge 2013

There will be a large variety of blues in this work and I may need to do some dyeing as my scrap bin is getting thinned out.  Since there is so much blue, I want to mix not just values of one blue, but various shades of blues to make the piece more interesting.  The lower half will veer more toward a turquoise or aqua blue while the top stays with more of a pure blue.

I am not sure why the color blue has suddenly taken hold of me.  It is a color that seems to expand creativity. The blue of the sky surrounds us and leaves us open to change.  It calms, yet has a certain energy and stature to it.

Close-up of a sculptural vessel by Molly Colegrove that I purchased.

Blue hands speckled with shades of green and burgundy expand out around the vessel. The hands seem to be reaching out to each other as well as toward the sky as if trying to communicate something.

Photo taken at aquarium in Charleston, S.C.

The calmness and feeling of escape that comes from blue.  So many of us vacation near the water to relax, while divers enter and explore another universe under the sea away from the noise and activity above.

This photo I took in Scotland last October reminds me of Helen Hunt Jackson's poem:
 October's Bright Blue Weather

"O SUNS and skies and clouds of June,
and flowers of June together,
Ye cannot rival for one hour
October's bright blue weather" 

"The Grand Canal of Venice" also called "Blue Venice" by Edouard Manet is at the Shelburne Museum in Vermont.

This is one of my favorite paintings.  The rippling blue of the water and the way the blue is carried up vertically on the poles.  The brightness of the blue is different than the more subdued blues Manet used in other works with water.  It was said that he met with Monet before this work and that possibly influenced his color choice.

Search out the color blue around you, find the shades of blue you love and have a great day.


While not hooking this week, there were a myriad of other things going on.  My husband and I did quite a bit of work on the studio.  It seems like things always come to a halt to wait for various inspections to take place.  This week's work included:

More exterior painting and porch ceiling installation.  I'm not a ladder person but am certainly getting used to it.

Evenings spent installing insulation.  The studio, storage and workshop area have to be completed before calling in insulation inspectors.

Tile installation on the bathroom floor.  It is a beautiful silver gray with a wood-like grain and smaller tiles will run up part of the wall.  It certainly got messy when we installed drywall.  There is still a lot of work to be done, but we're having fun.

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