Saturday, October 5, 2013


The hooking was completed on "Road Movie" this morning.  

"Road Movie"  20 X 20  Lori LaBerge  2013

I love this!  I seem to be obsessed with the color blue lately.  The urge for a coastal trip, perhaps?  Some areas still to be worked on are tweaking the hooking, attaching the metal pieces, clipping loose wool threads and whipping the edges.    

A smaller washer, which I painted, was placed on top of a larger one.  It gives some depth and adds color on top of the larger washer.  I get the feeling of tires rolling along on the roadway from these.  It is hard to see from the photo, but the dark tweed wool on the bottom has the same shade of blue that is in the darker portion of the stripe running through it.

This weeks journal activity will be the beginning of a project.  I will be working on creating an "innovative piece" to enter into a juried show.  I see innovative as being something different (a new idea), something I haven't seen before ( a new way of working)  and that veers from tradition. 

This week I took my first step of finding a subject.  This can sometimes be overwhelming as there are so many options and the shows only theme is "innovative". 

The subject was arrived at through materials.  I found an old pulley at an antique shop a while back and have been waiting for an idea to use it.  From the pulley came the idea of the working class.  The piece will be titled "Blue Collar".  I pulled blue wool from the studio shelf and while searching through my box of metals found two sizes of chains.  

I know I will use the chain over the pulley somehow.  I will also use a photo of our local quartz plant as inspiration for the work.  The next week will be spent putting this idea together.

The Quartz Company in Spruce Pine, NC

Try some of your own innovations.  Ideas could include choosing an odd subject, using different materials than you would normally see hooked, putting materials together in an unexpected way or adding various embellishments.  You may wish to simply work on the design process in your journal or you may choose to hook a piece.  Be creative!  There are no rules here.

The "Plein Air Hooking Artists" is in the works.  I will be working on planning out the website tomorrow.  I have listed the idea under the group section of the TIGHR (The International Guild of Handhooking Rugmakers) website.  If you are a member of TIGHR please take a look and see if you would be interested in joining.  If you are not a member, think about joining.  It is a great way to keep in contact with other rug hookers, exchange ideas and view some amazing work.

    "Autumn's Start"  4 X 6  Lori LaBerge  2013

Membership is free and will be ongoing.  If you are interested in joining us please contact me at

Be innovative, whether cooking, singing, dancing or creating,and have a great day.

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