Saturday, November 23, 2013


The hooking section of  "Blue Collar" was completed this week and the time has come to start some serious thinking about finishing options.

"Blue Collar" in progress, Lori LaBerge  2013

An old pulley found at an antique shop was spray painted a darker color to show up against the yellow and blue.

I then set the piece on the studio table to work on the design process.

A piece of wood from which the pulley will hang was placed above the hooked work. I still need to find a metal part that it will hang from.  Since silver was the only color chain in the studio, it was used to get an idea of how the planned black chain will look.  

I'm thinking the sides will be framed, but I have a few other ideas.  A piece of wood will be placed on the bottom with a cutout for the excess chain to lay in.  The chain will be stitched onto the piece randomly to prevent it from sliding over the pulley.  Since my husband and I are still working on building the studio and workshop, the finishing of this project may be on hold for a while. Mainly due to this:

A start on packing up the old studio.  Proof that sometimes things get worse before they get better.  If I need anything specific before the first of the year, I may be in trouble.

I also started work on a 12 X 12 studio piece inspired by a smaller plein air work.  It will be a combination of hand-dyed yarn and wool cloth.

"Abundant Color"  in progress,  Lori LaBerge  2013

My husband and I are spending our evenings working on the studio. Here is an update on this week's construction:

Siding was placed on the peak of the porch, I started painting the entry door and Pete started placing the stone tiles on the porch floor.

More insulation was installed on the interior wall of the studio.  If you need insulation installed, I'm your girl as I am quite experienced right now.

Tile was placed part way up the bathroom wall.  This is a messy job and we found it helped to placed nails between the tiles to keep them from shifting down the wall before they dried in place.  

Pete placed more electrical work for the vent which will go over the stove/oven. 

 A closer look at the stone tiles being laid on the front porch entry.

So often, I feel as if a week went by and nothing was done.  I can see from the above that I really did get something accomplished this week.  Write down or photograph your accomplishments during the week, look them over at week's end, realize how much you really did get done and have a great day.

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